ASP5033 airspeed sensor I2C Interface


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Qiotek ASP5033 Digital Air Speed Meter Sensor Kit for Pixhawk APM PIX Flight Controller RC Airplane


Brand: Qiotek
Item: Air speed meter
Weight: 0.06oz; 2 g
Type: ASP5033 Air Speed Meter/ ASP5033 Air Speed Meter+Air Speed Tube/ PIX Air Speed Meter/ PIX Air Speed Meter+Air Speed Tube/
The differential pressure sensor, digital output using I2C interface, the total error within the compensation range is less than 0.5%.

Automatic matching dynamic pressure & static pressure, Just the dynamic pressure and static pressure connected to the pitot tube are OK

Adopt GH1.25 terminal interface. The distribution terminal cable can be directly linked directly to the flight control I2C expansion board.

Sensor: Automatic matching dynamic pressure & static pressure

Corresponding to the connection of the airspeed tube

The arrow is installed forward of the aircraft. Connect the pitot tube two holes to the sensor holes.

Differential Pressure Sensor board

   ASP5033 is a prefect silicon pressure sensor module offering a digital IIC interface for reading differential pressure over the specified full scale pressure span and temp.range. ASP5033 is fully calibrated and temperature compensated for offset, sensitivity, temperature and non-linearity. 

Ranges: -20Pa…+20kPa

Accuracy: +-0.2% Span

Total error band(TEB):0.5%

Over Pressure: 2X rated

Temp.Accuarcy: +-1
Power supply: 4.5-12V
Current consumption : <8uA(one time measurement)
Static Current: <120nA (25°C)

Operating Temperature:  -40°C~125
Temperature Accuracy: 

 Package Included:
1x ASP5033 Air Speed Meter

1x GH1.25 or SH1.25 wire

1x Industrial grade UV curing 3D printing pitot tube.

Flight controller

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