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Qiotek ZED-F9P RTK and compass DroneCAN Module


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Qiotek ZED-F9P RTK and compass DroneCAN Module

The Qiotek ZED-F9P DroneCAN module is the latest differential high-precision GNSS positioning system. It has adopted the DroneCAN protocol for communication. It provides multi-band RTK with fast convergence times and reliable performance, concurrent reception of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou, and a fast update rate for highly dynamic and high-volume applications with centimeter accuracy.

With the adoption of the DroneCAN Protocol, it has up to an 8 Hz navigation update rate, upgradeability, noise immunity, and real-time features, and is more robust than UART due to its increased resistance to electromagnetic interference. It does not occupy any serial port of the flight controller, and multiple CAN devices can be connected to the same CAN bus via a hub.

The  Qiotek ZED-F9P DroneCAN module, a QMC8553 compass, with the STM32F4 processor running at 168 MHz with 1MByte Flash and 192KByte RAM. It supports DroneCAN firmware upgrades via the DroneCAN GUI Tool. It is compatible with the open-source Ardupilot and PX4 series flight controller.


We have designed the Qiotek ZED-F9P DroneCAN module casing to fix the antenna in two ways for you to choose, each with a different size and antenna design to meet different customer needs.


GNSS ReceiverU-blox ZED-F9P high precision GNSS module
GNSS BandB1I, B2I, E1B/C, E5b, L1C/A, L1OF, L2C, L2OF
Positioning accuracy3D FIX: 1.5 m / RTK: 0.01 m
Communication ProtocolDroneCAN 1Mbit/s
Time-TO-First FixCold start: ≤29s Hot start: ≤1s
Navigation Update RateRAW: 20Hz Max RTK: 8Hz Max
Cable Length30cm or 50cm
Working voltage:4.75V~5.25V
Current Consumption~250mA
Module Weight25g
Operating Temperature-20℃ to 85℃
Weight 30 g
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 15 mm


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