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The QioTek Zealot F427 is an internal vibration dampened autopilot with a protective CNC metal case for ruggedness. It features fully redundant sensors, an expanded number of outputs, temperature-controlled IMUs, and is the first high-performance autopilot with an integrated AT7456E OSD chip.


  • Processor:
    • MCU - STM32F427VIT6
    • 16KB FRAM - FM25V01
  • Sensors
    • Gyro/Accelerometers: ICM20689, ICM20608, BMI088 Ver.1 (discontinued)
    • Gyro/Accelerometers: ICM20689, ICM20608, ICM20649 Ver.2 (discontinued)
    • Gyro/Accelerometers: ICM20689, ICM20608, ICM40605 Ver.3 (active)
    • Barometers: MS5611 and DPS3018
    • Compass: QMC5883L
  • Power
    • 4.1-6.0V DC from USB (internal circuitry and RX only) or via 2 x PowerModule connectors, or via internal BEC off VBAT input pin. All 5V pins are powered when USB, or Power Module(s), or VBAT input is used.
    • Internal 5V, 1.5A internal BEC directly can be used with up to 6S LIPO batteries to supply board and peripheral power supply up to 1.5A max with voltage monitoring via BAT2 monitor(500ma max recommended).
    • ADC monitoring of board voltage
    • ADC monitoring of Servo/Output’s power rail
  • Interfaces/Connectivity
    • 14 PWM Outputs with independent power rail for external power source
    • 4 Relay outputs
    • MicroSD card reader
    • Micro USB or remote USB via a JST_GH connector
    • Built-in RGB LED
    • External Buzzer interface
    • External USB to Type-C interface
    • 2 * 6.6V tolerant ADC inputs for RSSI, Analog Airspeed, etc.
    • 5 UARTs
    • Safety Switch connector
  • Dimensions
    • Weight 62g
    • Size 42mm x 65mm x 25mm

Flight controller
MCU STM32F427VIT6 168Mhz 2M Flash
IMU ICM20689 ICM20602 ICM20649
Baro MS5611 DPS310
Compass IST8310
I2C 2

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